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Newsletter – Spring 2016

The first quarter of 2016 was very demanding for the Chamber, but the amount of success we had gratified the effort we put in.  The second edition of “Taste of Italy” surpassed our expectations by reaching the stratospheric amount of 112 participant Italian firms.

The showcase for Italian agribusiness, which in its own right became the biggest display of Italian products in Texas, took place in the ballroom of the Hilton Post Oak hotel. The event was able to attract more than 200 qualified buyers from Texas and other seven States in the US, the press, food & wine bloggers, among others.
We are already working on the 2017 edition, which will have a more innovative format. This event will also dedicate a moment to Italian food & wine lovers in Houston. Members and Friends of the Chamber, be ready!

The first quarter of every year is also the time to “shoot numbers” of the activities carried out, in terms of turnover and results. We are proud to announce that the Chamber’s balance is well, the turnover keeps increasing, and the profit for the year has been extremely positive.

For the current year, we have already obtained numerous assignments for the development of business missions and promotional activities, and the selection of buyers for events held in Texas. Followed by continuing long-standing collaborations with other Chambers of Commerce, Confindustria, Regions and union groups. Some new collaborations were established with Friuli, Sardegna, and Campania, to name a few. Finally, we activated new support services for business firms and expanded our membership network. A big thank you to our new 15 members that since January have chosen to be part of the Chamber.

In matters of communication, we have taken measures to make the Chamber “very social” by starting a permanent collaboration with a notorious blogger and friend, Jeremy Parzen, who will enrich with content our new blog, We look forward to your interest, so follow us and let us know if you enjoy it.
Finally yet importantly, we are frantically working on the project The Extraordinary Italian Taste. This project will keep us busy until the first half of 2017 and it will involve all of the Chambers of Commerce and all the ICE offices from the United States and Canada. You will be able to read more about this in its own section of the newsletter.

Also announcing, that Marina Acquista, after many years of appreciated service to the Chamber, has left her job with us and will soon join the team at the Italian Consulate. We embrace her with heartfelt affection and wish her the best of success. We are very pleased that she will remain with the Italian community so that we can continue collaborating.

Alessandra Salvatori ( has arrived in her stead. All of us immediately appreciated her for her calm demeanor during times of overwork, her patience in the face of Italian bureaucracy, and her enthusiasm towards this new adventure. Welcome on board.

Alessia Paolicchi.

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