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Newsletter – Winter 2015

Happy 2016 to all of you!

We wish all the members and supporters of the Chamber a year full of much success. The same kind of success that we continue to attain thanks to the multitude of activities the Chamber has in store for the coming year. The common link being the promotion of all things Italian, beginning with food, continuing with craftsmanship, furniture, manufacturing and of course, tourism.

The objective of the campaigns by the Parlament, the Economic Development Ministry and Association of Foreign Chambers, is to sizably increase export share of food in the US and Canada market of small to mid-size Italian companies in the agriculture and food sector by 100%, in order promote Made in Italy and to offset anything that sounds Italian, but isn’t.  To this end in fact, we will organize several initiatives in Houston and Austin which will involve the public, chefs, restaurants and journalists. The first initiative will be the Second edition of the B2B Taste of Italy event, held in Houston on March 2 and 3, where 40 companies in the Food and Beverage sector will meet with importers, distributors and buyers. We will then participate at Rodeo Houston, and offer informative Master classes to restaurants, launch Italian restaurant week, and much, much more!

During the last quarter of 2015, to promote Italian products and open new distribution channels, we hosted a mission composed of Italian Kosher products in order to create demand and awareness in this market niche.

With regards to the crafts, and in particular those pertaining to design, we are promoting 29 artisan shops with Project ERE – Excellent Artistic Products of Rome, who have been for decades manufacturing unique jewelry pieces, custom made clothing, furniture components of different materials. The next step will be to bring Texas buyers to Rome in order to meet these manufacturers and to organize itineraries geared to incentivize tours that revolve around these artisans.

With the Signa Maris project we have already promoted tourist itineraries around 4 regions of Southern Italy: Sicily, Campania, Puglia and Calabria. For this initiative we will bring American Tour Operators to Italy to show them itineraries off the beaten path, which are just as beautiful, if not more, than the well-known ones.
We would also like to acknowledge the 31 new members who joined the Italy Chamber in 2015 who will be listed in our upcoming Newsletter so that everyone can get to know who they are. A big Thank you! To all our members, new and old ones!
We will also announce the new benefits associated with being a member of the Italy Chamber, with a few surprises…. so Stay Tuned!!

Alessia Paolicchi

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