Texan businesses visit Benevento!

On the 3rd of November, 2016 several businesses from Texas visited the beautiful city of Benevento, situated about 30 miles northeast from Naples. The goal for this venture was that for the first time, Sannio Wines could be exported to the US! One of the two businesses has over 200 stores, which is an incredible market for the Sannio wines.

On a beautiful sunny morning at Palazzo Mosti, there were talks about wine, specifically the Sannio wines, that are the pride of the land.  All the way from America came entrepreneurs with a desire to seek more information on the incorporation of the Italian products in their companies. Attending this business venture were President Friedel Landa from Selected Food & Beverage, and representative Jaime Deleon from the Kroger supermarket chain, both from Texas like the deputy director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Houston, Maurizio Gamberucci.

Maurizio Gamberucci assured the press that the Texan buyers were more than satisfied with their visit to Benevento. He also stated that both President Friedel Landa and representative Jaime Deleon were very impressed with both the quality of the products and it’s relationship to the price. What really interested them is the fact that the areas this wine is produced in were used by the Roman empire almost two thousand years ago to produce their own wine!


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