Investing in Italy: Connect with the foreign investment desk in Milan via IACC Texas and take advantage of the best opportunities.

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Texas is pleased to announce the launch of a new Italian Chambers of Commerce’s network program to connect U.S. investors and U.S. industrial players with a dedicated team of FDI experts. This program was created to foster foreign companies and start-ups to invest in Italy and to stimulate technological/scientific partnerships with universities, research centers, and technology clusters in Italy.

In recent years, many sectors of the Italian economy have become increasingly attractive to foreign investors. These include life sciences, energy, clean energy, technology, and manufacturing.

In 2022, Italy was ranked 7th among the economies of the world, making it a top destination for foreign investment.

The Italian government’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has only increased interest of venture capitalists and angel investors.

Over the last few years, the Italian Government has created incentives and opportunities for Italy to become one of the main outlets in Europe to attract U.S. investment.

The country’s robust industrial base, talent pool, and manufacturing expertise also make it a highly desirable opportunity for investment.

The Italy America Chamber of Commerce of Texas is working with Promos Italia to facilitate potential U.S. investors’ decision-making process, to speed up the acquisition of key information, and to identify the best Italian territory to expand their businesses.

Promos Italia is the National Agency of the Italian Chambers of Commerce network that supports local Institutions in developing the local economy and strengthening territorial attractiveness. Their team will be an integral partner for international companies, start-ups, VC and funds planning to set up and expand business in Italy, offering a dedicated and professional service at any stage of their project.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Promos Italia team can help your scouting activities and provide all the resources available, please complete and submit this form and a representative will reach out to you directly.