Welcome new IACC member Jeffrey Seppi of Seppi Technology

The IACC South Central would like to officially welcome new member Jeffrey Seppi of Seppi Technology.

Since 2002, Seppi Technology and has provided the Houston medical community with information and data systems that help to streamline and expedite electronic medical records (EMR), radiological information systems (RIS), and picture archive and communication systems (PACS).

A pioneer in development artificial systems specialized for radiology, the company is also at the forefront of the new era of medical data management for imaging and diagnosis.

When we reached Jeffrey the other day by phone, he told us that one of his main reasons for joining the chamber is to create new relationships with companies in Italy as he expands and diversifies his business here in the greater Houston area.

But as an Italian American, he also has deep connections to the country and especially in Trentino-Alto Adige where his family can trace its origins.

According to the popular Italian surname database, there are roughly 230 “Seppi” families in Italy today, with nearly 200 of them located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region.

According the site, Seppi is probably a truncated form of Giuseppe. Its original meaning was likely “those [descended] from” Giuseppe.

Jeffrey has been working with a British-based genealogist, Lynn Serafinn, who specializes in Trentino familial lineage, to trace his family’s origins there.

Currently, while not working on his doctorate in business management, Jeffrey pores through ancient documents that point to his family’s presence in Trentino as far back as the Renaissance.

He’s also an avid traveler who has made countless trips to Italy over the years. He’s ultimately planning to settle there while maintaining a home here in Houston as well.

Welcome, Jeffrey! We are looking forward to learning more about your many fascinating pursuits at the next IACC happy hour (once we can begin again to hold larger gatherings).