Italian farmers around Texas

Pecan, peaches and citrus orchards, rice plantations, amazing ranches!
That’s what 8 young well skilled Italian farmers and ranchers have visited throughout the all Texas during their two weeks business trip sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and managed by ISMEA.
The Italy America Chamber of Commerce of Texas organized several visits to farms, cattle ranches and plantation in Texas within the activity called “An exchange of ideas and experiences from Texas – a project to improve the international competitiveness of young Italian farmers and ranchers”.
As an example, they have visited Royalty Pecan Farm, Paramount Citrus, Santa Elena Ranch and Rocky Hill Orchards, Messina-Hof Winery.
A very specific program has also been organized with the co-operation of Full Professor Leonardo Lombardini at the Horticulture Department of Texas A&M University in College Station.
A special thank goes to the Texas Department of Agriculture that supported the program providing many precious contacts and that hosted a meeting between the Italian delegation and the Commissioner Sid Miller.
At the end of the experience, the participants came back to run their own farms.

Click here for more photos:

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