MINI EXPO – E.R.E. – Roman Excellence for Export

February 11/14 2016

Chamber of Commerce of Rome– Tempio di Adriano

Piazza di Pietra

The ERE Project – Roman Excellence for Export started in 2015 to promote and support the internationalization process of the best artisan businesses in the Rome area: the project is endorsed by the Regional Authority for Economic Development and Production Activities of the Lazio Region, and promoted by IRFI Roman Institute for Business Training, Unioncamere Lazio and CNA of Rome, with the participation of Italian Chambers of Commerce of Italy-Brazil, of Western Canada, and of the State of Texas. The project relies on the support of the company AGITE – Agency for the Globalization of Businesses and Territories.

The project consists of an integrated program of training and lead-up to internationalization for a selection of Rome-based artisan businesses of excellence: it is aimed at promoting excellence in artisan production, featuring a diversified product line-up, under a common umbrella in order to the most of the visibility granted by the city of Rome and by the Made in Italy branding.

This directory includes a selection of 28 businesses of excellence, representing typical production sectors in central Rome, such as fashion, jewellery, footwear, textiles as well as artistic and traditional craftsmanship.

Thursday February 11th


11.30 am  Lorenzo Tagliavanti

                    President of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome

11.45 am  Erino Colombi

                   IRFI President 

12:00 pm  Stefano Fantacone

                   Lazio Innova SpA President

12.15 pm  Sabrina Alfonsi

     President of the Municipio Roma I Centro     

12.30 pm Mini Expo ribbon cutting


Cocktail to follow

Please RSVP:

For more info: Dott.ssa Chiara Pilenga – Tel.06.5711727

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