Made In Italy Certified Kosher

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas, recently organized a full schedule of appointments for promoting the “Kosher Project”. This effort was spearheaded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, with the participation of UCEI (the Union of Jewish Italian Communities).

The main purpose of this  mission  was to promote Italian Certified Kosher foods in the State of Texas, thereby establishing an institutional relationship with the local Jewish Communities, as well as to initiate new business relationships with entrepreneurs in the Agro-Food industry (wholesale, retail and Ho.Re.Ca.).

The Italian delegation arrived in Houston November 2. They visited Austin and San Antonio to illustrate and present the characteristics of this project to major Texas shareholders.

These meetings, which were well directed and organized, were both institutional and commercial in nature. The main purpose of the meetings, however, was to promote the new initiative of the Kosher Project to the large Agro-Food industry, the restaurant industry, and the Jewish Communities of Houston and Austin, so that they may be made aware that this new Kosher certification is available for products previously not certified by Italy, or which were previously certified by foreign entities.

Meeting at HEB-headquarter in San Antonio with Jody Hall, Director of Global Sourcing of HEB.

The new Kosher certification made available on Italian and International markets, adheres to the strictest Kosher guidelines, and is capable of being accepted by the Orthodox community. The certification also aims to affirm the high quality of the Italian certified Kosher foods, which can appeal to a broader American consumer market as well.

During this mission, the organizers and participants were able to garner a good deal of support. In fact, several interesting propositions pertaining to the Agro-Food Industry in Texas were made for the upcoming months, especially with regards to these certified foods being introduced to the general public.

These future initiatives will take place during Taste of Italy 2016, held March 2 and 3 in Houston, and organized by the Italy-Chamber of Commerce, where many Italian Certified Kosher food companies will be able to participate and display their foods. This yearly event is dedicated to promoting the Italian Food and Wine industry to American distributors, importers and Restaurateurs from all over the US.

This is an invaluable opportunity for all those Italian companies who wish to have a presence in the American Certified Kosher market.

For more information regarding Kosher certification please go to:

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