IACC Exhibitors at this year’s Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace, Dallas, July 9-10

2 Smeraldi
Products: Buffalo mozzarella, Fresh Pasta, Snail Caviar

Campo D’Oro USA
Products: Tomato sauces, pesto, olives, marmalade and jam

Cantine Vedova
Products: Wine

Fondo Montebello
Products: Wine, Balsamic vinegar, Tuna can

Grana Padano
Products: Grana Padano cheese

La Squisita
Products: Food specialties

Products: Naturally flavored Coconut & Lemon Beverage

Medallion Global
Products: Wine

Mò Mozzarè
Products: Buffalo mozzarella, other cheeses

Mucci Giovanni
Products: Gourmet Chocolates, Candies

Products: Wine

Società Agricola Acetomodena
Products: Balsamic vinegar

Tenute Barone di Valforte
Products: Wine

Tonon Shelving USA
Products: Modular aluminum shelving system for food storage

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