“A Celebration Of Pasta – Cacio e Pepe”

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“A Celebration Of Pasta – Cacio e Pepe”
Melody Price
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“A Celebration Of Pasta – Cacio e Pepe”
Melody Price
The Broke Foodie

From bucatini to tortellini , cannelloni to rigatoni, gemelli to vermicelli, and all those in between . There are hundreds of pasta shapes, types, and varieties all over the world today. Ironically, the origins of pasta aren’t as cut and dry as it’s namesake!

Although we normally think of pasta as an Italian staple, archaeological research has confirmed that the first noodle was actually created in central Asia and was made of rice. After that, the history is very unclear. The way pasta reached Europe from Asia is still an on going mystery. Regardless, Italians quickly personalized their pasta with flour made from durum wheat. Durum wheat’s abundance, high gluten content, and shelf stability made it an ideal ingredient in times where refrigeration and preservatives weren’t available.

Cacio e Pepe, which literally means “pecorino” and “pepper” in Roman dialect, is one of the most iconic dishes of the Roman Empire and Italian cuisine.

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