Experience Italian AUTHENTICITY at Taste of Italy 2017 in Houston

Now in its third year, the Taste of Italy fair in Houston represents the largest food and wine gathering in the U.S. devoted exclusively to Italian products and producers.

From the extra-virgin olive oil to the traditional balsamic vinegar from Reggio Emilia and Modena, from the artisanal pastas to the hand-crafted wines from nearly every region in Italy, from the classic cheeses and Prosciutto to the famous focaccia di Recco… there is no other festival that brings together such a wide array of authentically Italian products.

But the thing that many attendees remark about above all others is that Taste of Italy features the producers themselves. In more cases than not, the winemakers and food producers themselves are the ones who travel to Houston to represent their companies. Not only does this create a wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere, but it also gives attendees — whether buyers, trade operators, or just plain-old passionate food and wine lovers — the opportunity to interact and taste with the people who actually make the foods and wines.

This year, we are eagerly expecting more than 60 exhibitors at the fair. It’s our largest group to date (and growing) and we couldn’t be more thrilled that Taste of Italy is rapidly becoming one of the food and wine world’s most anticipated events each year — not only in Texas but throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Space is filling up fast for the seminars and guided tastings.

Please register now to ensure availability. Click here to register.

Biscottificio Grondona S.p.A.
Pramarzoni Morena Azienda Agricola – Florindo
F.Divella S.p.A.
Fudex Group
Italian Tasty Food
Aceto Balsamico Condimenti e Dintorni Srl
Alis Srl – Casa Rinaldi
Azienda Agricola Manicardi
Acetai Fondo Montebello srl
Salumificio Vitali S.p.A.
LVB Imports
Santagata Luigi s.r.l.
Selcted Food&Beverage
Pomodoro Mutti
Quoliter Srl
Mucci Giovanni
Vemini Genuine Italian Food

Consorzio Enjoy Apulia
Alarich Wines
Azienda Agricola Accordini Stefano

Azienda Agricola Bellaria
Azienda Agricola Russolo Rino
Azienda Agricola Zaglia
Azienda Vitivinicola Filippino Domenico
Viticoltori Brocatelli Galli
Cantina di Solopaca
Cantina Maranzana
Cantina Tudernum
Cantine Quattro Valli Group
Cantine San Marzano
Cantina Formigine Pedemontana
Cantine Spelonga
Cantine Vedova srl
Colutta Wines
Comelli Paolini ssa
Conte d’Attimis-Maniago
Azienda Agricola Drusian Francesco

Et3uscan Wine
F.lli Berlucchi
I Feudi di Romans
Az. Agr. Il Poggio
La Guardiense
Azienda Agricola Le Regge
Il Poggiarello Cosmetici
Petrussa Societa’ agricola di Petrussa
Polini Distillates&Beverages
Vitas 1907
Stefano Farina Wines
Talis Wine
Tenuta Roletto S.r.L. Agricola
Il Sogno LLC – 2Night Vodka
Cecas sc “VigneSannite”
Wineries of Italy Consortium

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