“Pasta – And Its Legacy As A World Food – Houston Edition” by Jay Francis

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“Pasta – And Its Legacy As A World Food – Houston Edition”
Jay Francis
Houston Food Explorers


“Pasta – And Its Legacy As A World Food – Houston Edition”
Jay Francis
Houston Food Explorers

I have a tremendous respect for complex foods. For example, Thai food with its complexity of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy ingredients all rolled into a particular curry.

But, actually, I prefer simpler food. And that is why I love and look forward to eating Italian food. In my opinion, and I am certainly not the first person to note or acknowledge this, Italians love simplicity, in order to allow the flavor of the meats or vegetables to not be masked by a lot of different herbs and spices. And so for this reason you find dishes that maybe just have the seasoning of some salt, some pepper, maybe one or two types of dried herbs. Fish will still taste like fish. Spinach will still taste like spinach. Which isn’t to say that sauces are always simple, ragus for pasta can be complex.

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