US Business Forum in Torino

On the 9th and 10th of November, there will be a US Business forum held in Torino, Italy. Our Business Development Manager Francesca Bacci will attend the forum in order to talk about the opportunities that a Texas holds for Italian companies. The first day will consist of professionals outlining specific ways to get involved in doing business inside the US. The second day will consist of intensive training in the FOOD sector, specifically technical and legislative insights by the Chemical Laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce of Torino.
Main outlining themes:
  • Be able to find a support team for the analysis of the market and your own business plan.
  • How to approach American customers.
  • Important things to analyze in your own market.
  • How to research and set up your business representation.
  • Learn about industrial opportunities in some of the most dynamic states in the US.
  • Taxing and accountability system.
  • Treatment of Italian personnel in the US.
  • Learn about the experiences other Italian businessmen had in the US.
  • Operating within the jurisdiction of American banks.
  • Understanding the rules and regulations of selling food products in the USA (10th November)


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