Italian is spoken in Texas

Ever since I first moved to Texas nearly eight years ago, I’ve been amazed by how many Italians live in Texas and how many Americans that I’ve met in Texas speak Italian fluently.

Just last night, I was at a regional Italian cuisine dinner at one of the city’s most popular Italian restaurants and there were two other guests — not one but two out of roughly 60 people — who spoke Italian fluently. Adding me and the proprietor to that group, there were four people there speaking Italian.

It makes sense that Italian would be spoken here. Many Italians settled here during the big waves of Italian immigration to the U.S. in the early twentieth-century. Many of those were the so-called Galveston immigrants. A lot of people don’t realize that the port of Galveston was a major point of entry for immigrants in the twentieth century.

But many more Italians have come here for the space industry, the oil and gas industry, and, in general, for the booming economy in Texas, where there is an ever growing demand for Italian products and luxury goods (food, wine, fashion, electric appliances, etc. etc.).

In the name of the Italian community here and in celebration of the wonderfully rich Italian language, I wanted to share this basic Italian lesson here.

Buono studio, as they say in Italian! May your studying be fruitful!

Jeremy Parzen


Buon lavoro = may your work be fruitful.
Buona lettura = enjoy your reading.
Buona lezione = may the lecture/class be fruitful.
Buon seminario = may the seminar/class be fruitful.
Buono studio = may your study(ing) be fruitful.


Buon appetito = enjoy your food.
Buon ascolto = enjoy the music [listening].
Buona degustazione = enjoy the tasting.
Buona spaghettata = enjoy your spaghetti [pasta].
Buona visione = enjoy the movie.


Buona continuazione = enjoy the rest of your day/activity.
Buona domenica = enjoy your day of rest [the day of the Lord].
Buone feste = happy holidays.
Buon fine settimana [buon weekend] = have a great weekend.
Buona permanenza = enjoy your stay.
Buon proseguimento = enjoy the rest of your stay/activity.
Buone vacanze = enjoy your vacation.
Buon viaggio = have a safe trip.
Buon volo = have a safe flight.
Buon weekend [buon fine settimana] = have a great weekend.


Buona guarigione = I wish you a speedy recovery.
Buon riposo = sleep well [get well soon].


Buona giornata = have a great day.
Buongiorno = good day [greetings].
Buona notte = good night [good-bye].
Buon pomeriggio = good afternoon [greetings].
Buona sera = good evening [greetings].
Buona serata = have a great evening.

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