Congratulations to Broke Foodie, winner of the first-ever Houston Pasta Festival blogger contest!

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce would like to share its warm congratulations with Ms. Melody Price (above, center), author of The Broke Foodie and winner of the first-ever Houston Pasta Festival blogger contest.

You can read her winning entry here:

“A Celebration Of Pasta – Cacio e Pepe”
Melody Price
The Broke Foodie

And the other finalists’ posts also follow below.

Each of the finalists received two free tickets to the Houston Pasta Festival on May 20 and the winner will be included on an upcoming IACC-sponsored trip to Italy.

All of the posts submitted for the competition were wonderful: A true celebration of one of Italy’s gifts to the world — pasta!

“Pasta Making At Papa Amadeus”
Jamie Alvear
The Drunken Diva

“Santa Margherita… it’s Spaghetti Margherita!!!”
Rebecca Castillo
My Vino Rules

“Pasta Is More Than A Cultural Legacy… Or An Italian Dish…”
Anthony Compofelice
Subtle Foodie

“Pasta – And Its Legacy As A World Food – Houston Edition”
Jay Francis
Houston Food Explorers

This event was presented by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Texas (IACC) in conjunction with True Italian Taste, an Italian Trade Commission campaign to promote awareness of authentic Italian food products and foodways.

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