Webinar: “Rethinking the fine dining model through creative marketing and sales.”

The IACC webinar series “Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic Era” continues with episode 5:

“Rethinking the fine dining model through creative marketing and sales.”

Wednesday, July 1
9 a.m. CST/4 p.m. CET

Panelists: Texas Restaurant Association Executive Director Melissa Stewart, President and CEO Louisiana Restaurant Association Stan Harris, and Gruppo Italiano Chairman Gianfranco Sorrentino.

Houston-based food and wine writer Jeremy Parzen and IACC Deputy Director Maurizio Gamberucci moderate.


About the panelists:

Melissa Stewart, Executive Director of the Texas Restaurant Association, has 25 years of experience in a variety of public, private and nonprofit companies in executive leadership, operations, training and program development. Her background includes a wide variety of industries and company types ranging from a start-up to Fortune 1000 companies.

Stan Harris President and CEO of the Louisiana Restaurant Association, combining private business acumen for best in class customer service in a not for profit environment has enabled setting performance metrics and better outcomes for the association’s members. Also serves as President & CEO of the LRA Self Insurer’s Fund which provides hospitality, retail, grocery and related supply chain clients an industry focused solution for workers compensation with unique financial advantages. Managing member services and agency relations has helped the LRA SIF to continue to grow its covered payroll in force.

Gianfranco Sorrentino, Chairman and President of Gruppo Italiano Organization (Owner, Il Gattopardo Group) Originally from Naples, Italy, owner Gianfranco Sorrentino carries over 40 years of experience in restaurant management, some of these includes Quisisana Hotel in Capri, Dorchester Hotel in London, Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo, Bice Restaurant in New York, Sette MoMA Restaurant at The Museum of Modern Art of New York, Union Bar and Grill in Great Barrington, MA, Il Gattopardo, Mozzarella & Vino, and The Leopard at des Artistes, located in the New York landmark Hotel des Artistes.

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