NEW: IACC online media and social media consulting services now available

Build your online business presence with IACC media consulting services.

IACC now offers customized media consulting services that will help get your business noticed in the Texas business community.

From social media management to branding and a wide range of marketing consulting services, the IACC now helps its members bolster their internet visibility.

We are thrilled to announce that the chamber now offers its members customized online and social media services and consulting. It’s part of our ongoing and ever evolving mission to foster and promote our members’ businesses and business relations in the Texas community.

As chamber membership continues to grow and Texas continues along its path of growth and economic prosperity, there are greater opportunities than ever before in building business ties and expanding business networks.

One of the keys to such growth is community engagement and interconnectivity. And your social media and online presence are important elements of how your business, your brand, and your products and services are perceived in the Texas community.

From media consulting to hands-on social media management and training for your staff, the chamber is here to help you curate your online presence and expand visibility of your brand.

These services are available exclusively for chamber members.

We look forward to working with you and helping you manage the challenges of social media and your internet presence.

Please email IACC Deputy Director Maurizio Gamberucci to set up a consultation.

Exclusive Online and Social Media Consulting for Chamber Business Members

Over the last decade, online presence and social media have become important elements in marketing strategies for every business — from oil and gas to food and wine.

The IACC is thrilled to announce that we now offer Exclusive Editorial Services for business members including online marketing consulting, original content to bolster your online presence, social media management, and translation services.


The chamber will conduct and provide a review of your online presence and its effectiveness and impact, ranging from the nuts-and-bolts of your website and social media platforms to the long-term vision for your brand and consumer and client perceptions.


In the age of social media and media saturation, the quality and caliber of content is what drives search-engine results more than ever before. The chamber can provide you with high-quality, focused content that will help your business to create a more robust internet presence, strengthen your search engine results, and drive your branding and brand perception.


One of the greatest challenges in today’s business world is social media management. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the myriad new platforms that will emerge in future, social media is a key element of marketing strategy. In fact, not having an active social media presence can be highly damaging to brand perception. The chamber can provide social media consulting, training for your employees, and even ongoing social media management, including engagement and interaction with social media users.

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