Letter from COM.IT.ES

Dear compatriots,
In the first few months following the worldwide elections of the new members of the committees of Italians abroad (COM.IT.ES), we have received multiple requests for greater details on what a COM.IT.ES is and what its roles are.
For this reason we would like to highlight the following:
Each COM.IT.ES is an elected committee that represents Italian citizens living abroad within a defined consular district, in dealing with the corresponding consular offices, and are designed to allow Italians abroad to actively participate to the life of their community.
A COM.IT.ES consists of 12 members in each consular district with up to 100,000 residing Italian citizens, or 18 members in consular districts with more than 100,000 residing Italian citizens. 4 additional members (6 in districts with more than 100,000 residing Italian citizens) are co-opted from local associations, and must be Italian-Americans without Italian citizenship.
COM.IT.ES members remain in office for five years and do not receive any remuneration for their service.
In cooperation with consular authorities, regional and local governments and other organizations and associations working in the consular district, each COM.IT.ES promotes all initiatives pertaining to social and cultural matters, social care and education, professional training, as well as recreational and leisure activities, considered beneficial in the interests of the residing Italian community.
In agreement with consular authorities, a COM.IT.ES may represent the requests of the Italian community residing in the consular district, to the authorities and local institutions.
A COM.IT.ES. is also committed to promoting all initiatives aimed at enhancing Italian products in all fields, from cultural to commercial, in full cooperation with ad hoc institutions present in the various countries. Another role of a COM.IT.ES. is to help, in all possible ways, Italian emigrants in need of care and assistance, beginning with the elders. In all these activities, a COM.IT.ES. will cooperate with existing local organizations and cannot replace them.
With regards to the United States of America and in particular to our consular district, the COM.IT.ES. intends to maintain close and cordial relationships with the various Italian-American associations and provide them with the necessary support upon request.
The COM.IT.ES. are the only official entities legally established and recognized by the Italian government in each consular district and their representatives are elected by the votes of Italian citizens registered in the Registry of Italians Residing Abroad (AIRE) .
We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require and we invite you to visit our website and follow us on our social media:
On behalf of the COM.IT.ES. representatives of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas, I want to take this opportunity to bring you our best regards,
Valter Della Nebbia President, COM.IT.ES. of the Houston Consular District

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