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Bill Floyd and Potente are the winners of this year’s Maestro Martino award for Italian culinary excellence

Last month, on the occasion of the 5th annual Taste of Italy trade fair and consumer festival, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Texas was pleased to award the second annual Maestro Martino award for excellence in the culinary arts to Houston restaurateur Bill Floyd co-owner of Potente in downtown Houston.

That’s Bill above with his executive chef Danny Trace.

When Bill opened Potente with his business partner Jim Crane (who also owns the Houston Astros MLB team), he and his team set a new benchmark for Italian fine dining in the city.

And they also created one of the city’s top Italian-focused wine lists.

The award was presented to Bill and chef Danny by IACC director Alessia Paolicchi and Houston’s new Italian consul Federico Ciattaglia who also signed the declaration presented to Bill and chef Danny.

The following is the text that accompanied the award:


In recognition of his inestimable contribution
in the culinary arts and to Italian gastronomy,
the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas
hereby confers upon Mr. Bill Floyd the second annual
Maestro Martino Award (2019).

Mr. Floyd is a true pioneer of Italian cuisine in Texas and the United States. His celebrated career as restaurateur has helped to elevate Italian cookery, both innovative and traditional, to a fine art and science in North America.

The Italy-America Chamber commends him for his tireless efforts and his achievement of excellence.

Signed on this day, Sunday, February 24, 2019, in Houston, Texas.

Alessia Paolicchi
IACC Texas director

Federico Ciattaglia
General Consul Houston

Last year’s recipient was Houston legacy restaurateur Tony Vallone.

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