Authentic Italian at the Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace July 9-10 (a preview of exhibitors)

Please join the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce at the Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace in Dallas, July 9-10. Click here for more information and registration details.

Here’s a preview of Italian exhibitors at this year’s Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace…

2 Smeraldi

2 Smeraldi is one of Italy’s leading purveyors of authentic burrata from Puglia, buffalo’s milk mozzarella from Campania, and fresh pastas. The company also works with artisanal salumi and a wide range of classic southern Italian food products.

Campo D’Oro USA

Based in Illinois, Campo D’Oro has been specializing in traditional food products from Sicily for more than 20 years. Olive oil-cured tuna, classic tomato purée, pastas, and a wide variety of foods from the island set Campo D’Oro’s portfolio of foods apart from the crowd.

Cantine Vedova

Cantine Vedova is one of the Prosecco appellation’s top producers. Its wines encompass the entire spectrum of Prosecco today, including wines from the renowned Valdobbiadene and Conegliano townships as well as the lesser known Asolo township. They even make a Prosecco “col fondo,” an old-school “undisgorged” wine vinified as it was a generation ago.

Fondo Montebello

Fondo Montebello is an acclaimed producer of traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena, a product that is widely imitated throughout the world but can only be produced in Emilia-Romagna where it originated. Don’t miss tasting these rare aged vinegars.

Grana Padano

Now more popular than ever, Grana Padano is a crumbly grating cow’s milk cheese that is widely used in classic northern Italian cuisine — from filling for ravioli and toppings for pasta to after-dinner cheese courses to savor with aged red wine. This distinctly nutty and savory cheese can only be produced by members of the Grana Padano consortium.

La Squisita

The New York-based La Squisita is a family-owned company that has been selling authentic Italian food products for a century in the U.S. From San Marzano tomatoes to olive oil-cured beans and tuna, not to mention a large offering of classic antipasti, La Squisita is one of the leading resources in the U.S. for fine foods from Italy.


Lemoncocco produces a blend of lemon and coconut juices using the richly flavored citrus you can only find growing in the volcanic soils of the company’s beloved Sicily. This entirely new and unique product has already taken Italy by storm. The U.S. is the next stop for this naturally flavored lemon-coconut juice and its chic contemporary packaging.

Medallion Global

Medallion Global is a large-scale importer of fine European wines from Italy based in Houston. Specialized in but not limited to Italian wines, Medallion Global relies on an international network of shippers and purveyors to bring some of the world’s best wines to Texas. It also works directly with retailers and restaurateurs to bring in specialty wines that wouldn’t otherwise be available in the state.

Mò Mozzarè

Mò Mozzarè is one of Italy’s most respected purveyors of classic cheese products from southern Italy, including the coveted buffalo’s milk mozzarella that can only be produced in Campania (even though many American cheese mongers try, with limited success, to imitate the real products).

Mucci Giovanni

Mucci is one of the world’s most famous producers of packaged chocolates and candies, including everything from candy-coated almonds and candied and chocolate-covered fruits and caramels. In a country renowned for its candy and sweet production, Mucci stands out in the crowded field of Italian chocolatiers for its high level of quality and the consistency for which its products are known.


Now in its third generation as a family-owned and family-managed estate, Perlage was one of the earliest producers of Prosecco wines to convert its vineyards to organic growing practices. In an appellation where volume is often valued over quality and wholesomeness, Perlage has found the ideal balance of organically farmed grapes and high quality wines that have impressed trade members and international wine writers alike.

Società Agricola Acetomodena

When it comes to traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena, there’s nothing like the real thing: Acetomodena is one of the most acclaimed historic producers of the precious liquid gold from the heart of Emilia-Romagna, the only place in the world that true balsamic vinegar can be produced and aged. Like all authentic balsamic, Acetomodena’s are made from grape must and not from wine like commercial vinegar.

Tenute Barone di Valforte

The owners of the Barone di Valforte winery have been producing fine wines in central Italy since the thirteenth century. Today, their production of Montepulciano, including classic Montepulciano and Cerasuolo (the rosé version), is highly regarded for its modern approach to “clean” winemaking and its roots in tradition. The winery also bottles some of Abruzzo’s most renowned white wines.

Tonon Shelving USA

The Italian-based company Tonon is an international leader in customized kitchens and food storage across the world. From large industrial kitchens to top restaurants in Europe and the United States, Tonon is one of the most sought-after designers and builders of kitchen and storage spaces in the food and fine dining industries today.

Top image via the Cantine Vedova Facebook.

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